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The need to feel safe and comfortable in public places has never been more important for staff, visitors and occupants alike. As architects, the reality of integrating access controlled security barriers into reception areas and entrances is critical.

8 bespoke

Lifeline Swing Speed Gates installed

Carbon fibre shell

designed by the architects to fit seemlessly with receptions desks & suspended on glass pillars to create "floating" effect

18 companies

occupy over 610,000 sq ft of space

The Sophisticated Speed Gate

The Speedlane Swing manages and channels the flow of people entering and moving around buildings. Commonly operating in multiples, thus fluently guiding the flow of high visitor levels; the Speedlane acts as a boundary between public and private worlds. Interacting with both worlds it ensure that the right people are channelled to the right place, placing the control of the entry in its hands.

The Speedlane Swing has been designed to the highest standards, ahead of industry trends:

  • Using unique sensors which detect visitors approaching
  • A sleep function to save energy
  • Pulsing light strips to guide the user
  • Intuitive and proven symbols to make it user friendly
  • Ergonomic design for customer comfort
  • Customisation possibilities in fitting with interior design
  • Premium quality materials

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